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  • 1.  Security & Permissions - Roles/Group

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 02-16-2023 11:09

    Hey All,

    We are setting up the roles and permissions for our users and tenant and we have the following three requirements for metadata securities:

    1. Say we have a nested attribute for an Address (just an example), requirement is users from Group A (with specific roles) can able to view the Address widget on the profile page while Group B (with another role) does not.

    2. Similarly, if requirement #1 can be achieved for any other simple or reference attribute.

    3. Group X can read, update, and create an attribute say "First Name" while Group Y can only read it but can not make any changes.

    I am trying to achieve this through roles and permission for tenants.  Please confirm what is the right way to achieve this type of metadata security.

    Also, I tried using filters for roles but did not help. Please confirm if Reltio allows the 'not equals()' filter.

    I have done this before in around 2019 but somehow recently those configurations are not working. Does Reltio still support filters for tenant permission configurations?

    Any insight will be helpful.

    Nipun Fnu
    Apptad Inc

  • 2.  RE: Security & Permissions - Roles/Group

    Posted 02-21-2023 09:10

    Hi Nipun,

    The below answer is as per my recent configuration i made using Role & Group configuration.
    I haven't used 'not equals()' filter but i could summarise my use case.

    Custom Role creation case

    We have an entity say (Entity Customer) having 30 attributes and 3 teams are going to collaborate  the Entity in below format.

    Attribute 1 to 10 by Team A (Only read access)
    Attribute  10 to 20 by Team B (Only Read & Edit access without Delete access)
    Attribute 20 to 30 by Team C (All Access)

    We need to create a Custom Blank role & add these permission in below format to Permission api ({cusname}/roles/permissions)

    Format - 

    "uri": "configuration/entityTypes/Customer/attributes/{Attribute information}",
    "permissions": [
    "role": "CUSTOM_ROLE_1",
    "access": ["READ"]
    .., and the same for others as well.
    I have achieve something similar using above configuration.

    Chetan P
    Senior MDM Specialist

  • 3.  RE: Security & Permissions - Roles/Group

    Posted 03-01-2023 09:50

    HI Chetan and Nipun,

    I wanted to share with you an online utility which you might find useful for configuring Reltio Metadata Security here,

    The utility will help you to visualise what kind of permissions have you configured in a visual way as well as help you to edit those permissions. 

    It does not support filters right now, thus if you have a filter condition in your metadata security rule it will just show that there is a filter and it will not be able to show you if a role has access or not but it does a good for the rules which do not have a filter or for cases where you have configured access to a child property without configuring access to a parent property. 

    If you decide to use it, please use it at your own risk and double check the configuration before posting it to Reltio.

    Kostadin Mitev
    Reltio Architect
    Ulpia Tech