Data Mesh and Data Fabric What are they and What are the Differences?

As big organizations become more agile, centralization is becoming more as a thing of the past. We are starting to hear terms like Data Mesh and Data Fabric. @Ansh Kanwar, SVP, Technology, Reltio  will he help answer questions around terms like Data Mesh, Data Fabric and how MDM fits into these architectures. This session will be a Q&A session and we will welcome questions from the Community.  

Some questions will include: 

  1. What is Data Mesh architecture? 
  2. What is Data Fabric? 
  3. How do the two intersect? 
  4. How does MDM fit into the data mesh architecture?
  5. What types of orgs are using data mesh and why?

When:  Oct 14, 2022 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT)
Associated with  Reltio Connect
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