MDM as the Launching Pad for Data Governance Journeys and Value Quantification

Join Shri Salem, Global Leader of Data Strategy at ZS, and Former Data Strategist for Coca Cola and Danone; Willem Koenders, renowned Global Leader in Data Strategy, having Authored 25+ Data Strategies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia; and Chris Detzel, Director of Customer Community and Engagement at Reltio for another Reltio Community show.

Join us for an  insightful journey into the world of Master Data Management (MDM) with two leaders in the field. In this session, our speakers will guide you through a powerful conceptual framework, with real-life case studies, to explore how MDM can be the springboard for next-level data capabilities.

You'll uncover secrets behind successful MDM implementations, diving into essential topics such as Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Quality, Data Modeling, Metadata Management, Storage & Operations, and Integration & Interoperability. Discover how the right approach can master critical data, simultaneously steering the data organization towards consistent, value-oriented capability enhancements.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the industry's best. They will introduce a market-tested data value quantification framework for data products, demonstrating how MDM solutions can drive unparalleled value. Understand the clear rationale and methods for creating organizational value through a sustained data enablement journey.

Wrap up the session with a lively Q&A, where you can engage directly with the experts and gain answers to your pressing questions. Reserve your seat now for this Reltio Community Show, and embark on a transformative data adventure like no other!

When:  Sep 20, 2023 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT)
Associated with  Reltio Connect
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