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 How to Create Reltio ID for an Entity

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Eren Zedeli's profile image
Reltio Partner Eren Zedeli posted 11-04-2022 11:52

I have two entities that I need to create an auto-generated Reltio ID. After doing some research, it seems like it is doable (see the link below). However, I want to clarify how to enable Reltio ID. Is there a way to enable Reltio ID during entity creation on UI? Or do I need to run an API call? Can you please help me understand how to enable this function?

Saurabh Agarwal's profile image
Reltio Employee Saurabh Agarwal
Hi Eren,

Reltio Id feature is currently in EA. Please create a Zendesk ticket for Relto Support team so they can enable it for you. We will need details like 
Tenant Id
Entity Name for which Reltio Id is required
Reltio Id parameter name

Please let us know if you want to have a further conversation to understand Reltio ID fetaure better