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 Loqate status for individual component of Address

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Reltio Partner Abhijit Auddy posted 09-06-2022 02:51
We are using Loqate for Address standardization. Loqate is returning the verification status of the address as a whole. Is there a way to find out what is wrong in the address if the verification status is Partially verified /unverified ?
There can be an address where everything is right but city is wrong. Loqate is restrung "Partially verified". How can I get the information that City is wrong? There can be same type of issue with State / Zip / Address line1 or other attribute.
If we can find out that we can show that information in DQ dashboard.
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Reltio Employee Jack Hain
Hi Abhijit,

If your organization is using CASS or SERP for address cleansing in the US or Canada (respectively), you will have detailed info on the verification of the address and why it was partially successful or failed. However, even without these optional features/services, you can generally gather most of the details you're requesting by simply examining the values returned within the AVC code returned from Loqate. Specifically, the second and third characters in the AVC code may help you to understand why the verification status is not being returned as "Verified."

Please find further details on our doc portal at: