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Erin Byrne posted 06-23-2022 14:51

This may be very simple as I am new to Reltio and may just be missing something.  In comparing the old UI to the new one, the bar on the side has been replaced with options for dashboard, search, and profile.  To see the relationships, sources, graphs, potential matches, etc. do we now need to do this from within the profile when it is displayed or is there somewhere else?  From within a profile, I tried clicking the Show Graph button within the customer hierarchy view and D&B hierarchy view, but nothing happens.  Is this supposed to open the graph?  I see that window Related Customers will show the relationships and there is a History button for the activity log, but what about sources and potential matches?

Thank you,
Erin Byrne
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Erin Byrne Best Answer
Okay, I think I found it.  Earlier today, when I clicked Profile I got a message that 0 profiles were found.  Now when I click it, I get nested options including all of those buttons we had previously.  This can be disregarded.  Thank you!