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 Restricting access for attributes based on attribute value

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Rahul Rajan posted 11-16-2022 09:30
Hi Team,

We have a requirement to restict access of all attributes to read only based on specific attribute value and user should able to edit only that specific attributes.

We have RecordStatus attribute for an entity. RecordStatus has InDraft, InReview, Approved, Rejected.
If an entity has RecordStatus as "In Review", user should have write permission only on RecordStatus (User can change the value from In Review to Approved / Rejected) and should have read only access on other attributes values.
If an entity has other recordStatus value, user should able to create / update attributes values.

To achieve this, I have configured a custom role with filter condition and has CREATE/READ/UPDATE access for record status Approved/InDraft.
For InReview record status, configured only read only access and configured CREATE/READ/UPDATE for RecordStatus attributes.

I am not able to achieve the requirement. Can you please let me know is it possible to achieve this with custom roles and how to do it?

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Rahul Rajan
There was typo in URI in metadata security permission. Its working.
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Reltio Employee Chris Detzel
@Rahul Rajan I'm glad it's working. Thanks for coming to the community to post!​