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 Us of the tenantStreamingVerification hook in SFDC Connector

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Michael Foxcroft's profile image
Michael Foxcroft posted 06-20-2022 14:18
Has anyone implemted logic in the tenantStreamingVerification  hook in the SFDC connector to limit changes being sent to Salesforce from Reltio?  I would like to limit the events sent to Salesforce to ones where the OV values have changed.  Currently I am seeing events getting sent where no OV change has been made which is causing some unwanted effects to applications downstream of Salesforce.  If that is not possible, can we limit events to Salesforce to those where the fields we have mapped to Salesfroce have changed?


Andrey Gafner's profile image
Reltio Employee Andrey Gafner
Hi Michael, 
In common the tenantStreamingVerification can not be used for such things as per the tenantStreamingVerification interface you get the OV slice of the entity.
The only hack I can imagine (if every consumer of your implementation is used the
flag)  and make some logic based on the verification of singleAttributeUpdateDates then return false.
One more option is to verify if there are any non-sfdc OV values and then return false.