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 Workflow Task Assignee Assignment time Details

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karthick s posted 09-26-2022 22:36
HI all,
IS there any way to get  Workflow Task Assignee Assignment time details ?
If any workflow is started we can get the time of Task Created and when that particular task is Reaasigned to Some other DataSteward,Is there any way to get when task is reassigned to Data Stewards ? From the Workflow Task API ,we are able to fetch the time details of  Task creation time and task completed time but i was not able to get task reassignment time.

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Reltio Employee Sergio Abraham
Hi Karthi, do you have Analytics enabled?
This data type is automatically pushed into the analytics data set in GBQ.
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karthick s
HI Sergio Abraham
 Currently we dont have that feature enabled. Is there an other way to fetch that parameter in any of APIs?.