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Building a MDM Practice: Harnessing the Momentum to Evolve - PPT 

09-08-2022 11:19

What’s your pitch for Master Data Management Pitch? 

The Optimistic Visionary

Master Data Management is a collection of disciplines, procedures, and technologies for guaranteeing the quality, completeness, timeliness, and consistency of data across the applications, systems, and databases, that support  numerous business processes and functional areas within an organization.

The Technology Guru

Master Data Management is a data management solution that takes data from disparate sources and uses specific algorithms to aggregate records that refer to the same entity into a single source of truth record.

While both statements are true, they are also evidence of how detached our common idea of MDM is from what our business partners perceive as valuable.

As Master Data Management practitioners we tend to focus on HOW MDM delivers value, but the person(s) receiving our pitch can’t make use of that HOW detail. A pitch needs to inform the person WHAT outcome(s) MDM delivers and these need to be business outcomes.

Your pitch should help them understand why it is a good idea to invest in MDM.

Find the Community show / webinar here. Building an MDM Practice: Harnessing the Momentum to Evolve - Show


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