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Data Mesh, Data Fabric and the role of MDM in Modern Data Management 

10-17-2022 08:41

"Data Mesh is an analytical data architecture and operating model where data is treated as a product and owned by teams that most intimately know and consume the data." -Thoughtworks 

“Core data is information about customers, vendors, locations, assets, and suppliers, among other things i.e. data that every organization runs on

…MDM is evolving from a reluctant to an indispensable spend. That is because every organization is becoming a data-driven organization, which means they need high-quality, actionable information to make sound business decisions, satisfy their customers, and create more enterprise value. 

Poor data equals poor decision-making.  We deliver core data as a product to our customers.” @Manish Sood

Find the video here: Data Mesh, Data Fabric and the role MDM in Modern Data Management - Show

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