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Demystifying Entity Data as a Product - PPT 

05-18-2023 14:19

Join us for a webinar on Demystifying Entity Data as a Product (DaaP) and Data Mesh, with a special focus on customer data. Ansh Kanwar, Senior VP of Technology at Reltio and Mike Frasca, Field CTO at Reltio, will lead the session, showcasing how DaaP works in practice using Reltio's innovative platform. In this show on data as a product, we'll explain what DaaP is, why it's important, and how it can help you create more effective data-driven strategies. We'll also delve into the concept of Data Mesh, which is an architectural approach for building more flexible, scalable, and decentralized data ecosystems. 

Watch the webinar here: Demystifying Entity Data as a Product: An Introduction to Data Mesh and DaaP for Customer Data

  • Learn about Data Mesh and Data as a Product (101 level)
    Learn about DaaP capabilities present in Reltio

  • How to deliver Entity/Customer DaaP quickly and effectively using  Reltio

  • Critical data is locked in legacy systems

  • Point-to-point integrations move incomplete and inaccurate data from app
    to app, often creating duplications

  • Business processes are highly inefficient as they
    need to span data silos

  • Identifying and using the right data to drive key initiatives is challenging.



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