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Moving Data in and Out Of Reltio - ITS SUPER EASY! 

07-26-2022 14:47

There are a ton of ways to bring in data and take out data from Reltio. 

Data Integrations: 

Use Case


Use If You…

Bulk Loading Data

Option 1: Data Loader

have simple field mappings, and need a performant solution that’s quick and easy

Option 2: Reltio Integration Hub 

need to do data transformations, flexibly, in a simple low-code, no-code manner

Option 3: Enterprise ETL Tool

have your own ETL tool that you’d like to integrate seamlessly with Data Loader APIs

App-to-App Integrations

Option 1: Reltio Integration Hub

need to connect to different applications quickly and easily without having to code

Option 2: Pre-built connectors

need to connect to Salesforce and do things like search before create etc.

Option 3: Standard EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)

want to bring your own Integration platform to connect to Reltio

Event Streaming Distribution Integration

Option 1: Message queues (AWS SQS, GCP Pub Sub, Azure Message Bus)

are using specific cloud-native queues to read events and propagate to the rest of your enterprise

Option 2: Kafka Integration

have a Confluent connector, Lambda to pull/push data between Reltio & Kafka topics

Option 3: Reltio Integration Hub

would like to create a custom integration for your event streaming and propagation needs

Event Streaming Ingestion Integration

Option 1: Lambda Function

need to read events from AWS SQS and send data into Reltio via APIs (similar concept with GCP, Azure)

Option 2: Reltio Integration Hub

would like to poll your queues, read events and send data into Reltio via APIs

Data Enrichment use cases

Option 1: D&B

need to enrich your data using Dun & Bradstreet data

Option 2: Bureau van Dijk (BvD)

need to augment your data using Bureau van Dijk data

Option 3: Data tenants (NPI, DEA, other 3rd party datasets)

want to access common 3rd party datasets in Reltio, e.g. NPI, DEA and others

Option 4: Reltio Integration Hub

would like to create a custom integration to a different data enrichment provider, e.g. Clearbit

New & Enhanced Connectors for Analytics

Salesforce Connector

  • Built, managed and continuously upgraded by Reltio; available on Salesforce AppExchange

  • Day 1 value with pre-built plug & play integrations

  • Used for Integration with Salesforce Platform (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Veeva, Custom Objects)

  • Bi-directional synchronization of data

  • Search before create capability

  • Basic data transformations including custom logic for more complex transformations

Data Enrichment Connectors

  • Pre-built connectors to Dun & Bradstreet, Bureau Van Dijk data on hundreds of millions of companies

  • Access to trusted, accurate data within Reltio

  • Match Reltio records to D&B or BvD

  • Enrich Reltio records with D&B or BvD data

  • Build corporate hierarchies

  • Schedule jobs or run real-time


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08-25-2022 14:22

@Jon Manning for batch extracts you could use our bulk export.

08-25-2022 11:08

@Jon Manning here is the video around this presentation. Let me know if you have additional questions. I will also see if I can get an answer to the question.

Video here:​

08-25-2022 10:58

Thanks for putting this together. What about batch extracts? For example to a data warehouse or other system?

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