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Using Reltio Integration Hub to automate Reltio workflows PPT 

08-30-2022 12:15

In this PPT, you will find that Reltio workflow provides a controlled way to route profiles to different users for review, enrichment and approval. Initiating workflow in Reltio has traditionally required manual intervention or automation via a Lifecycle Action. With the introduction of Reltio Integration Hub, Reltio configurators now have a simplified way to trigger the automation of workflows based on conditional logic without resorting to LCA.

This session will walk through the process to create this automation. Note that this is not session on creating Reltio workflow, nor will it be a tutorial on Reltio Integration Hub, but rather it will focus on leveraging these two modules to automate a data governance process.

Find the Show / Video here:  Using Reltio Integration Hub to Automate Reltio Workflows - Show


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