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  • 1.  Relationship Management

    Posted 09-24-2021 12:11
    Hey Folks, 

    I'm wondering how others out there are handling "dead" relationships within the platform? Daily/weekly API maintenance routines? Some hidden API that magically cleans it up for us :) ?

    We've noticed through our export analysis that we're starting to capture more relationship entries where the start/end ID's no longer exist as root entity_id's or in the reltio crosswalks; which causes problems with traversing hierarchies downstream. 


    Ted Sager

  • 2.  RE: Relationship Management

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 09-27-2021 10:46

    Hi Ted,

    Perhaps someone knows this definitely, but I believe that's what the "end-date strategy" for the relationship configuration handles.  The documentation is at and to quote that page:

    You can set the End-date Strategy by selecting to either end-date only the related crosswalks, or, end-date both relationship and the related crosswalks.

    First thing I would do is check to see how it is set in the current configuration.  If it is already set to end both relationship and crosswalk, then it is not the solution.  However, if it is not, its something easily testing in your development environment.

    Gino Fortunato
    Senior Solution Engineer