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Autogenerated ID for the crosswalk

  • 1.  Autogenerated ID for the crosswalk

    Posted 06-06-2023 11:05


    I am trying to configure the autogenerated crosswalk for one of our source: if I pass the crosswalk value, the entity should be created with this crosswalk, if not - with  newly generated one. The documentation is not clear - link (why  are there  simple and nested examples?!)
    My steps:

    • I have configured sequential generator on the server
    • Added the source with this generator to L3 config
    • tried to create entity
      I have only been able to post the record with such crosswalk in order to autogenerate the value. However it is generated in any case - it doesn't matter if there is a value in the crosswalk

    Maybe you know how the config should be changed in order to be able to implenet the following logic:

    Lena Kazachkova