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  • 1.  Cross Attribute Matching

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 01-13-2024 09:07

    We are implementing Customer Master solution in the Insurance landscape.

    Can you please suggest if the following scenario can be addressed by Cross-Attribute matching? If yes, can you please provide some examples of creating multigroup or how the cross attribute matching can be configured?


    Existing customer to Policy record information

    John Smith (Hash Key =Jhs) -> Policy P1 (Reference attribute host client id = 123 )

    Now say we are receiving another update on the same customer (name update) but with a new relationship to a scheme. See below:

    Jonathan Smith (Hash Key = Jnhs)  -> Scheme S1 (Reference attribute host client id = 123 )

    Note: The host client ids are the same in the 2 different reference attributes ( Policy is a separate reference to the customer and Scheme is a different reference to the customer as both are separate relationship types). The hashkeys at the customer level are also different as the name got updated.

    Now we have to ensure that the 2 records at the customer level should merge based on the reference host client ids across different relation types (Policy and Scheme).

    Abhik Das
    Tata Consultancy Services

  • 2.  RE: Cross Attribute Matching

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 03-13-2024 12:30


    Here is some high level information. Let me know if this helps: 

    Cross-attribute matching can be used to address the following scenario in the insurance landscape:

    • Incorrectly mapped attributes: Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 are swapped, or (First and Last Name swapped).

    Cross-attribute matching allows you to match records based on multiple attributes, even if those attributes are not in the same order or format. This can be helpful in cases where data is inconsistent or has been incorrectly mapped.

    To use cross-attribute matching in Reltio, you can create a matching rule that specifies the attributes that you want to use for matching. You can also specify the weight that you want to give to each attribute. This will help Reltio to determine the best match for each record.

    Here are the steps on how to create a cross-attribute matching rule in Reltio:

    1. Go to the Matching tab in the Reltio console.
    2. Click on the Create Matching Rule button.
    3. Enter a name for the matching rule.
    4. Select the Cross-Attribute matching type.
    5. Add the attributes that you want to use for matching.
    6. Specify the weight that you want to give to each attribute.
    7. Click on the Save button.

    Once you have created a cross-attribute matching rule, Reltio will use it to match records in your data store. This can help to improve the accuracy and consistency of your data.

    Find a piece of documentation here: Design your Comparison Formulas

    Chris Detzel
    Director of Customer Community and Engagement