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  • 1.  Editing Reltio Workflow

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 04-24-2023 18:38

    Today, Reltio has three default workflow which are available out of the box.  They are accessible here: Bitbucket

    For customers who edit these or build new custom workflows and deploy them, it is currently the customer's responsibility to maintain the source BPEL in your own source repository.  You can GET the source BPEL from the workflow server with the API:{{tenantID}}/processDefinitions/{{processName}}

    --header 'EnvironmentURL: https://{{environment}}'

    However there is no direct way to access the BPEL process source from within the Reltio Console or Workflow editor itself.   If anyone would like to see enhancements in this area, feel free to vote on this enhancement request:

    Dan Gage
    Principal Solution Consultant

  • 2.  RE: Editing Reltio Workflow

    Posted 05-01-2023 22:01

    I would definitely vote for this, Dan.  I don't currently have access to Aha.

    Kelly Burrell
    Humana Inc.