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Enhance _findConnectedParties and searchConnections: add pagination

  • 1.  Enhance _findConnectedParties and searchConnections: add pagination

    Posted 9 days ago

    Often we want to retrieve a record spanning many entities and relationships but whilst we know what data items (Attributes) we want to get back we may not know all the connecting relationships so we use searchConnections to reduce the number of API calls to Reltio. Unfortunately searchConnections returns everything for every entity and relationship at source and OV level across the entire match set even if the search was for an object in a source.

    It would be much better if we could specify the response values we are interested in and whether we want to have OV view or a source view (by source filter) returned to reduce the amount of data being marshalled.

    we have tried _findConnectedParties and are experiencing the same issues, we get thousands of lines of JSON back and the response time is too long.

    d rossano