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Establish secure connection between Azure & Reltio

  • 1.  Establish secure connection between Azure & Reltio

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 14 days ago

    We are looking to have a secure connection between our client environment & Reltio. We are going to utilize Azure blob storage for Reltio to pull/push data extracts using console dataloder APIs.

    For this, ideally: we want to establish a Private Link between Reltio & client VPC so that Azure blob storage container is not exposed to Internet. But open to any other solution which others might have used.

    There's a community discussion which talks about whitelisting Reltio access from specific IPs (- Reltio Community ) but this does not solve the problem that our Azure storage containers will have to kept publicly accessible over internet.


    Mukesh Golchha