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  • 1.  mergeTreeAndLinksConsistency API

    Posted 01-24-2023 18:47

    We were getting duplicate entities in the export API result and running "mergeTreeAndLinksConsistency" API fixed this issue in one of the tenant however the entities participated in this API are completely removed in another tenant after running the same API. Any thoughts how we can retrieve those entities ? We are able to pull the history (_changes) from API and no object found error with get API call. 


    Sreekumar Appanam Karakkad

  • 2.  RE: mergeTreeAndLinksConsistency API

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 02-07-2023 00:30
    Hi Sreekumar,

    This task checks that the 'losers' and 'winner' columns in the ENTITIES_MERGE_TREE column family and the 'TIL' column in the ENTITIES column family are in a consistent state with the real state of the object, based on historical records about merges and unmerges in the ENTITIES_MERGE_TREE column family. It fixes the found inconsistencies if it is running in "fix" mode.

    So it is probable that historic state of the records was different between the two tenants and you got different results of the task execution. Based on the historical state, it might merge some of the records, making them look like they disappear. They should be still accessible by the original Entity ID though and if that is the case, manual unmerge may be possible too. 

    In any case, I would recommend to open a support ticket in this situation.

    Dmitry Blinov
    Principal Product Manager