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  • 1.  Please Vote for the Below Ideas

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 05-02-2023 09:00

    Hi Team,

    Can you please VOTE for the below ideas:

    1. Hide Nested Block based on Sub-Nested | Great Ideas for Reltio Cloud (
    When we have multiple types of identifiers and wanted to hide a specific type of identifier for specific users is currently not supported by reltio but much needed for Reltio customers.

    2. Tab to show Active and Running Recipes | Great Ideas for Reltio Cloud (
    Folks using RIH can relate the Idea. When we have 100's of recipes in active mode and running it's hard to get the whole picture in one view. Requesting for a wholistic view to view Active and Running Recipes in Dashboard.

    3. Customize maxAttributeValueSize per | Great Ideas for Reltio Cloud (
    Not sure if folks faced any issue with character length. We have a limitation when data is sent to ORACLE db's but the character length in oracle is limited and Reltio value has to be truncated, so trying to check if Reltio can introduce this feature of limiting attribute value on adhoc basis.

    4. DVF: Validate attribute values | Great Ideas for Reltio Cloud (
    We have seen many enhancements in Data Validation Functions which is much helpful, in addition to existing I'm trying to check if Reltio can validate data dynamically with existing profile information and throw an error/warning at the time of saving the profile. Currently reltio provides validation of attribute data which is pre-defined/static, need for dynamic validation is much recomended.

    5. Support equals and notEquals in | Great Ideas for Reltio Cloud (
    Reltio does not support using match rule but we have a scenario where we need to apply certain filters in all match rules and negative rule was the fix. Unfortunately negative rule does not support a;l operands, request to enhance the negative rule on available operands.

    6. ReIndex Data Task For Specific Entity | Great Ideas for Reltio Cloud (
    On Reltio platform performance, Re-Index for specific entity also triggers Potential Matches Re-Index Task but for whole tenant. Re-Index for specific entity should only execute Potential Matches Re-Index for specific entity and not entire tenant entities, which reduces burden on tenant and improves performance.

    Please VOTE for above Ideas and comment if any. Thank you In advance.

    Sheshadri V
    Fresh Gravity

  • 2.  RE: Please Vote for the Below Ideas

    Posted 05-04-2023 02:02

    Above ideas are great.
    Voted 👍

    Chetan P
    Senior MDM Specialist

  • 3.  RE: Please Vote for the Below Ideas

    Posted 05-05-2023 11:06

    All are nice ideas, Voted for few of the common use case ideas

    Santhosh Rajasekaran