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Reltio Engage and Earn - December Recap

  • 1.  Reltio Engage and Earn - December Recap

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    We are back with another Engage and Earn monthly recap - celebrating our users who leveled up last month on the Reltio Community. As a reminder, you can see all attainable achievements on this page.

    Data Geek
    @Chetan P leveled up and earned the Data Geek badge! See how you can earn our Data Rank badges here.

    25 Discussion Posts
    Congratulations to @Nitin Tugave for reaching 25 total discussion posts!

    50 Discussion Posts
    @Chetan P also hit 50 discussion posts during the month of December.

    50 Engagement Points
    @Saquib Muslim, @Kanika Rawat@Akshaya Jawaharr, @Henry Wong, and @Bharati Gawali  all reached 50 engagement points.

    100 Engagement Points
    @Thirupathi Reddy Maram and @Bernold Rodrigo Abarca Zuniga both reached 100 engagement points.

    Say Cheese
    We had 9 new faces on Reltio Community last month - @Sreekumar Appanam Karakkad, @Sarada Charapalli, @Bill Smith, @Sana Shaik, @Tritoy Banerjee, @Devon Glenn, and @Aayushi Verma all uploaded their picture and earned a badge.

    Conversation Starter
    We had new voices on the community last month – @Saquib Muslim, @Utsa Das, @Akshaya Jawaharr, @Henry Wong, @Bharati Gawali, @Bernold Rodrigo Abarca Zuniga, and @Thirupathi Reddy Maram all earned the Conversation Starter Badge.

    @Sreekumar Appanam Karakkad, @Olu Ojo, and @Bernold Rodrigo Abarca Zuniga all earned the I'm Connected badge by adding contacts this month.

    Reply below with any questions, and kudos to all who engaged in December!


    Chris Detzel
    Director of Customer Community and Engagement