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  • 1.  Supplier Master Data Model

    Posted 07-27-2023 11:41

    Hi Experts ,

    Does Reltio provide the OOTB Supplier data model ? If yes could you please share the details about the same ? 

    Utsa Das

  • 2.  RE: Supplier Master Data Model

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 08-03-2023 13:58

    Hi Utsa

    Reltio does not provide an out of the box model for Supplier domain (yet) but this is being discussed as part of the velocity pack roadmap.

    Could you provide some more details about your use case, expected attribution, integrations etc?


    Guy Vorster

  • 3.  RE: Supplier Master Data Model

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 08-04-2023 10:40

    To add to what Guy is saying, there are a number of customers who are mastering supplier information in Reltio today.  The lack of a velocity pack for this use case should not be seen as an impediment to using Reltio for supplier information.  Perhaps obvious, but I wanted to say it just in case it was not obvious to you!

    Gino Fortunato
    Senior Solution Engineer

  • 4.  RE: Supplier Master Data Model

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 10-11-2023 17:28

    Hi Utsa,

    D&B is working with Reltio on the Supplier side.  Do you have a list of attributes you are currently working off of?  Possibly a list of ERP attributes that are available?

    Jay Daly
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Chattanooga TN