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Reltio Integration Hub: No-Code, Low-Code Integration Platform

By Ayan Basu posted 07-08-2022 11:28


Fragmented, siloed data sources become increasingly challenging with the application proliferation that’s going on with the thousands of new apps being created all the time.  Couple that with inefficient manual business processes and building point-to-point integrations becomes a nightmare to create and maintain.  That’s why we expanded the Reltio Connected Data Platform to include the Reltio Integration Hub.  Our all new low-code, no-code platform can help you build application integrations quickly and easily and also enrich your data to help you accelerate the value you get from your data.

Integrating Reltio with Enterprise Apps

There are many ways you can tap into the power of Reltio Integration Hub in your IT environment. Integrating critical business applications to support operational workflows is one of the key use cases. If you’re looking to connect to Hubspot to automatically update Hubspot leads within Reltio, or integrate to Guidewire to create a 360 view of a customer’s various insurance policies, Reltio Integration Hub is the answer.  It vastly simplifies your integration efforts and empowers your business users to rapidly set up custom workflows and solutions that solve your exact business need.  With our user-friendly intuitive drag & drop interface, a few clicks can help you stitch together various applications and have your apps seamlessly integrate with Reltio.


You no longer need deep technical expertise or a team of software engineers to write thousands of lines of code to build complex integrations.  The Reltio integration Hub empowers your business user, admin or analyst to set up integrations and solve a variety of use cases.  The Reltio Integration Hub is a versatile tool that can help you create a connected digital ecosystem to get to that golden record, your single source of truth.  We have hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors that you can leverage and build simple workflows and logic to develop your own customized solution.  Whether you want to integrate to Excel or Concur, the Reltio Integration Hub makes it simple by helping you manage the entire integration end-to-end.

Data Enrichment

With Reltio Integration Hub, you can also connect to any third-party data source or data sitting anywhere to enrich your data within Reltio.  An integration to Clearbit to augment Reltio data can easily be created using our powerful integration solution, fully-included in our SaaS offering platform.  Or you can use any number of pre-built connectors within the Reltio Integration Hub platform to append rich data to your existing Reltio dataset.  With our Bureau van Dijk (BvD) connector that is already available on the Reltio Integration Hub, you can bring in BvD’s business profile, corporate hierarchy and key financials to add to your customer data within Reltio.  This way you can obtain a comprehensive view of organization data with a few clicks to gain those deep insights for targeting and segmentation use cases.  Add to that the ability to create workflows, build logic and various error handling scenarios, you have the ultimate flexibility to solve any data enrichment use case.

Best of all, Reltio Integration Hub can be used to automate your business processes and bring back operational efficiency into your organization.  With the expansive set of possibilities that Reltio Integration Hub gives you, you can build an ecosystem of connected applications with Reltio powering your master data management needs.  

You can learn how to build integration workflows by watching our community webinar and see it in action by requesting a demo.

Take a look to unlock opportunities to innovate and solve new use cases with the Reltio Integration Hub that you haven’t been able to before.  

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