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  • 1.  Tenant config & Data migration

    Posted 12-30-2021 00:33
    Hi Team,

    Post getting through the documentation, we can conclude below - 

    Configuration migration -  From Dev to Test, migration can be done by exporting & importing config from UI & postman.
    Data migration - From Dev to Test, cloning can be post discussion with Reltio Support team.

    Question - 
    How can we migrate Mappings along with Jobs created in Dev region to Test region.
    (i.e., job id & mapping id must not change for what we used in Dev .. The same must be reflected in test post migration)

    Looking for some light on these migrations.

    Chetan P

  • 2.  RE: Tenant config & Data migration

    Founding Member
    Posted 01-03-2022 08:46

    Hi Chetan,

    If you are referring to Dataload mappings then same can be migrated using Reltio APIs. To your point about mapping IDs, they should ideally change when migrated from source to target tenant to avoid accidental updates.

    Ashish Rawat
    Fresh Gravity