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  • 1.  Restrict length of characters for an Attribute

    Posted 12-27-2021 03:28
    Hi Team,

    I have a scenario to restrict entering number of characters for a specific attribute for an Entity.

    Example :
       Entity Name - Customer
       Field Name - Middle Name

    Sample Case - Via Front End,  i am not suppose to add value more than 1 alphabet in "Middle Name" field. If a user does this activity it should throw an error.

    Looking for a way to handle this scenario.

    Chetan P

  • 2.  RE: Restrict length of characters for an Attribute

    Founding Member
    Posted 12-27-2021 14:39
    I would suggest that a simple input validation (i.e. regex) on the front end is a better solution than depending on Reltio returning a non-200 to the API request.

    Walt Feldman
    Solutions Architect

  • 3.  RE: Restrict length of characters for an Attribute

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 12-28-2021 11:12
    I would agree with Walt.  That's the best way to handle this.

    If for some reason it can't be done, putting the regex into a Reltio Data Validation Function (DVF) will allow you to easily find the data validating the rule for remediation.  One possibility would be to look for the DVF in the API return.

    Gino Fortunato
    Senior Solution Engineer