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  • 1.  Survivorship Pin and Ignore

    Founding Member
    Posted 09-15-2021 08:09

    Do they get overwritten at any time? #Survivorship

    Sandro Palleschi
    Manager - Enterprise Data Services at Empire Life
    Empire Life

  • 2.  RE: Survivorship Pin and Ignore

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 09-15-2021 08:11

    They don't get overwritten unless you directly manipulate them. But an interesting scenario is before we brought these two Loris together, for example, what if they both had a pinned answer, and those answers are different? How do we decide the winner? And that could lead to two results in the left side but there also is a way to prioritize within the pin and ignore and that's a little bit advanced. I am not finding, here we go. This is the page you would want. If you're interested in this topic, you're going to want to look for this pinned or ignored attribute merges. And there's a matrix here and there three levels of priority within a pin.

    There's the ignored pin and neutral. If you have a pinned pin, I know that the silly string, and a neutral pin, the pinned pin will win. And there's some examples here kind of detailing. I'm going to put this in chat. This is an advanced topic. It can be a bit tricky but the only scenario you really need to think about your pins being overridden in are in merged records. And your survivorship should be catching 98, 99% of the correct winners. Your data steward should only be manipulating a handful. If they're doing more than that, you want to reconsider your rules. The odds of two pinned records being merged, that shouldn't be happening a whole lot but there is a feature that handles for that. If you need to dig into it, check out that link.

    Take a look at the PPT for Survivorship what Comes After the Match

    Also take a look at the webinar below: 

    Joel Snipes