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  • 1.  Bulk Delete of an attribute

    Founding Member
    Posted 09-30-2021 15:19
    We have an attribute that was originally populated,  and in some case need to delete that attribute now.   There is 1.9K so don't want to do this via UI.   I reviewed the Bulk Update and did a test on 2 profiles to 'clear attribute',    it did not delete the attribute but put the ignore flag on the attribute which will accomplish what is needed.   I was hoping we could delete the attribute.    Is there a way to accomplish this via an API or any other method within Reltio?
    Thank you!!

  • 2.  RE: Bulk Delete of an attribute

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 10-01-2021 09:26
    Hi Angela ,

    You can probably use ROCS utility - Bulk Operation for Attributes . You can specify the attribute key in the file and it will find and remove the attributes matching the search criteria .  

    findandremove: It scans all entities of type mentioned and finds the attribute is matching if so deletes the attribute

                         ATTRIBUTE_KEY- Attribute name find and remove

    ATTRIBUTE_VALUE - Attribute value to match for remove action

    Here is the bitbucket repository .  Hope this helps . 

    1. 3.  RE: Bulk Delete of an attribute

      Founding Member
      Posted 10-12-2021 11:27
      Manish,   My technical has reviewed the ROCS utility.   Few observations,  there is no ability to provide list of entities or crosswalks to update it will do all where it find the Attribute you are wanting to update.   When he did a small test,  it clears the value from surviving in the OV, however the value is still present on the Crosswalk,  it is just no longer considered in the OV.   We need to update profiles where entity type = HCO, and DistributorName = LegacyData and OV_Source <> 'Gaine'.   Ultimately want to Delete the attribute not just clear it or stamp with ignore.   Are you aware if this ROCS took can do that and if you can specifiy via criteria the exact profiles to remove the attribute from?

    2. 4.  RE: Bulk Delete of an attribute

      Founding Member
      Posted 10-12-2021 13:18
      I found solution on KB!      API to delete attributes.   Works like a charm!  

      Sharing in case others would like to know.