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  • 1.  Issue in Data Cleanser

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 02-22-2024 08:33

    I am having Addresses as Nested attribute under HCO and HCP.

    I have created a DataCleanser for Loqate  HCP and HCO.

    But it is not working whenever I am creating any entity.If I will run recleanse api for a particular entity and update postal code of that entity, then AVC code is coming (i.e. Data Cleanser needs some external triggering it seems)

    Anyone have faced same issue?Kindly suggest.

    Anindya Ray Misra

  • 2.  RE: Issue in Data Cleanser

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 02-27-2024 03:54
    Hello Anindya Ray Misra,
    The Loqate Data Cleanser is normally triggered when new data is ingested or updated and the Reltio platform applies the cleansing rules to the data.
    A feasible circumstance concerning your issue is the configuration of OV values in your L3 cleanser configuration (business configuration) - in particular, your "ovOnly" parameter. If this parameter is set to true/false, then Loqate only cleanses values with the appropriate flag - true or false. Respectively, the OV value of your address attribute serves as a flag on whether the value should be cleansed or not. You can check the payload of your newly created entity to see the OV value of your attribute. I will put a relevant documentation link for configuring OV values and checking entity payload at the bottom of this answer. 
    Everything thus far will lead to further investigation on your address cleanser settings and your survivorship rules for the address attribute.
    Without additional context and/or examples, it is challenging to provide the most appropriate solution to your issue. Would you be willing to provide more information to help us better understand your issue?
    I hope this helps!
    Get payload -

    Lyubomira Alexandrova
    Ulpia Tech