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  • 1.  Filter in Workflow

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 02-23-2024 04:54

    Can we set any filter for Workflow.

    So if we update Name of HCP then only Workflow will be generated otherwise workflow will not generate.

    Please suggest.

    Anindya Ray Misra

  • 2.  RE: Filter in Workflow

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 02-26-2024 09:32

    You can use Role Based Access Control to restrict permissions on the Name field so that it is only editable via Suggest mode - but this will not automatically push that change through a DCR - it will just enforce that a user leverage this option when editing this field.  In pure edit mode, the field will appear read-only, in Suggesting mode, it will accept proposed changes.  

    Via the API you will need to manually add the alwaysCreateDCR=true option to the URL as documented here:

    Dan Gage
    Principal Solution Consultant