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  • 1.  How can SQL interface with Reltio MDM

    Posted 10-24-2023 15:23

    How can analytics teams, using primarily SQL, interface with Reltio RDM to ensure that their reports are using standard values?

    Mike Alderson

  • 2.  RE: How can SQL interface with Reltio MDM

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 10-24-2023 15:27

    At this point in time. There is no direct way to interact with RDM through a SQL interface, right? But a lot of our customers, most of the customers. What do they do for that kind of job that extracts the data from relative RDM and pushes it to some of the downstream systems, right? 

    That supports SQL Interface. Some of them use something like a data lake and run an SQL query on top of the data lake.  Something like Azure Data Lake.

    You may also have like cloud data warehouse, a lot of customers do that. They push the data out there and then run their SQL-based analytics there.  So there's no direct way at this point in time. You have to push the data out to a downstream system. But I take this as feedback not for just. RDM, But for MDM too. We have got that feedback. The more we have SQL-based interfaces, the more helpful.

    Abhradeep Sengupta