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  • 1.  Managing Address for Global Data

    Founding Member
    Posted 08-23-2023 08:53

    Hi all,

    Can someone suggest how addresses for multiple countries are managed in Reltio if you are maintaining all the data in one Tenant? We have data for US, Canada, All EU countries, Asia, Australia, LATAM.

    Does Loqate work outside of US? If not, how does the cleansing process work outside of US.


  • 2.  RE: Managing Address for Global Data

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 08-24-2023 09:16

    Hey Nikhil

    The good news is that Loqate is a global solution and it has access to postal data from all around the world.  Two things you would need to be aware of to make use of the global address cleansing capabilities:

    1) You need to have an appropriate Reltio license to access the postal data from other regions outside the US.  Please talk to your customer success contact or the account manager to find out details on pricing because there are various options depending on what regions of the world you are interested in.

    2) Once enabled (via the license), then all you really need to do is ensure you are passing in a country with your address and loqate will take of the standardization / cleansing / enrichment per the postal data from that country.

    Hope that helps.

    Guy Vorster
    Principal Solution Consultant